A Thousand Goodbyes


Before you’d gone there were a thousand goodbyes
Each it’s own colour, shape and size.
Most before the old worn chair,
In both clear loud voice and silent prayer.

Before you’d gone there were a hundred goodbyes
When I’d look into your kind blind eyes
And thank you for my parentage
And a Christian blue collar heritage.

Before you’d gone there were a few goodbyes
When the dark angel thought it yet unwise
To get too close to that walking cane,
Knowing with your firm grip it promised pain.

So as you go, here’s one thousand and one:
Let heaven welcome this stout Welsh son!
At one hand your Jesus, at the other your wife,
With straight back and bright eyes, run to new life!

I love you, Grandpa. See you soon, but not yet.

4 thoughts on “A Thousand Goodbyes

  1. Dear bill, what a beautiful tribute to your grandpa, what a gladly heritage you had thru him! Our deepest sympathy to you, your siblings and his children , and your dear mother, thru these very tender days, our thoughts and prayers are With you all, treasure each precious memory! Love, Ron and Kathy BLAIR

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  2. Thank you Bill-son, for this incredibly precious tribute & giving such meaningful expression to what these days are all about for all of us that were known & loved by Grpa Scarrott. I’m glad he was Grandpa to my three treasured children! !


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