Are you tired of the wheezing, beeps and clicks of spiritual life support? Then welcome to the place where I spew forth the contents percolating in the nether-regions of my psyche. I write about “Christianity for the rest of us”, which I understand is both nebulous and likely antagonistic. I unpack that statement a bit more in these definitions:


“The Rest Of Us”

My writing has been described as enlightened, earthy and edgy, among other things. What I hope is that it challenges you to think critically about the Christian Faith and the claims of Jesus. In these posts I pray that you find courage, healing, and hope… as well as the odd loving punch in the face.

Up until recently I was writing over at thejesussociety.com. In the coming weeks I’ll be moving most of that content here, but check it out if you’re curious.

Just a head’s up: some content may be too mature for young viewers on their own, but can lead to some great conversations with a mentor. I try to keep things around here at about a PG-13 level, and post something new about once a week.

Thanks for dropping by!

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